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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

How important is equality, diversity and inclusion in life?

Not just in the workplace but college, school, society and social situations.  In the public domain recently we have had a number of examples of inequality, unacceptable behaviour, sexist attitudes and use of unacceptable language.

We have heard about male arrogance around sex, demeaning women on emails, abuse of position, power and posting inappropriate statements on social media websites.

The horrendous posting about Steven Sutton; Jeremy Clarkson allegedly using inappropriate language language and trying to explain away his action; we have had the John Terry outburst and the banana throwing incident at the AC Milan and Atlanta game, the Suarez and Evra incident and so on. I could cite many more, but there are  far too many to mention. When will this all end?

A much more serious question is when will high profile employers start to take the UK equality laws seriously? When will they embrace diversity and recognise that diversity makes good business sense? 

It is unfair that people are treated poorly based on race, sexuality, disability, etc. Not only is it unfair but it is illegal.

Managers, please train your staff, embrace diversity, value people for who they are and manage diversity.

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